Assignment 8: Second Review


    Re-familiarize ourselves with the covered material and harvest the our previous work.


    Review all previously covered materials and work.

Study Log:

I began Assignment 8 on April 25, 2008 and I completed Assignment 8 in only three days on April 27, 2008.
Note: In addition to the date range above, I reviewed the Sound Modules and their “child” words on April 13, 2008 and April 15, 2008. Also, note that there is a gap in my study dates between Assignment 7 and Assignment 8, April 22, 2008 through April 24, 2008. I spent these three days designing and mastering this website.
Approximate words learned in this lesson: 0

Approximate total words learned thus far: 1521
There are no notebook pages to correspond to this assignment as I did not write anything down but just retraced my previous work.


The most interesting point to note regarding this assignment was that I was amazed at how many words I was able to remember as I did my review. It seemed like I could remember nearly all of them! I realized that the only reason I could remember that many words having only looked at several of them once before was due to the methodology of my study. I remembered the forms because the words had recognizable parts and radicals comprised of the roots, which I knew well, and I remembered the meanings because of the decoding and logic inference. Even though my decoding was often slightly amiss or sometimes totally absurd, it still aided me in my memorization of the words! It was a shocking reality that I would have argued had I not experienced it first hand. In fact, the words I did not decode during Assignment 7 for whatever reason were the majority of the words that I could not remember directly. This made absolutely clear to me the power and genius of the word root system!