Exhibit D (Study Log)

I began my studies on March 17, 2008 learning the Chinese written language. On June 14, 2008, I passed my proficiency test to successfully set the world record on being the fastest person to ever learn the Chinese written language from the initial condition of not knowing a single Chinese word to the proficiency of being able to read a current Chinese newspaper. I set this record in only 89 days! Within that time, I learned approximately 2,625 stand-alone Chinese words with an average of 30 words per day.

  • 171 words in Assignment 3
  • 350 words in Assignment 5
  • 1000 words in Assignment 7
  • 80 words in Assignment 9
  • 80 words in Assignment 10
  • 587 words in Assignment 13
  • 192 words in Assignment 14
  • 165 words in Assignment 15

Also, I learned 800 two-word phrases, 480 Chinese Idioms (four-word phrases) and 300 commonly used (two or three-word) phrases.

  • 800 two-word phrases in Assignment 11
  • 480 Chinese Idioms in Assignment 12
  • 300 commonly used phrases Assignment 14

The assignments listed below further detail my study path:


Assignment 1: Course Overview!
Assignment 2: Preface and Introduction
Assignment 3: Word Roots – Form and Meaning
Assignment 4: Generation 1 (G1) Dissection
Assignment 5: Sound Modules – Form, Meaning and Logic Inference
Assignment 6: First Review
Assignment 7: Generation 1 (G1) Decoding
Assignment 8: Second Review
Assignment 9: Horizontal Modules
Assignment 10: Lesson Three (Advanced Studies)
Assignment 11: Sound Module Phrases
Assignment 12: Chinese Idioms
Assignment 13: New Words
Assignment 14: Reading
Assignment 15: Newspaper Headlines


Note: My study does not include any verbal portion of the Chinese language. There are two reasons for this:

  1. It requires additional time to study the verbal portion and my challenge for the world record does not include the verbal portion in my initial proposal.
  2. This challenge is designed to proof a very important concept, that the Chinese written language can be learned without the support of a language environment.