May 6, 2008 – Testing and Verification

For the World Record on Learning Chinese Written Language


Committee Members

Chinese Etymology Committee Members


Meeting Minutes on May 6, 2008:

Meeting Photos:

Rev. Karen Cheng opening the meeting

Karen Cheng opening the meeting


Jason demonstrating his progress by taking an on-the-spot quiz from the committee after studying for only fifty days!


Jason Demonstration


Jason explains to the committee an overview of his study methodology


Jason Explaining his study methodology


Rules on Setting the World Record for the Shortest Time to Acquire a Second Language




Testing and Verification Certificate


Exhibits A – E


Member list of Testing and Verification Committee

  1. Amber Gong
  2. Anny Wu
  3. Carolyne Lin
  4. Charles Chen
  5. Chu-Fen Cheng (Co-chair)
  6. Chu-wen Cheng (Chair)
  7. Helen Yang (Standing Committee)
  8. Jian Liu
  9. Joe P. Chou (Standing Committee)
  10. John Tung (Standing Committee)
  11. Joyce Lee
  12. Nancy Gong
  13. Petulla Yin
  14. Robert Shee
  15. Sophia Gong
  16. Xuejun Li