1. Exhibit 3 (Official Test and Results on Jason Tyler Gong’s World Record Attempt)

    Tweet Signature Records of the Testing and Verification Committee 50 words were randomly selected by the members of the Testing and Verification Committee from current newspapers.   The words circled by the blue or red markings are tested words. More samples of the test question sheets are available here. Jason Tyler Gong‘s Test Answer Sheets […]

  2. Exhibit 2 (Pictures of the Public Test)

    Tweet Exhibit 2 Pictures of the Public Test       The words circled in red are public tested words.         

  3. Kangsi Radicals

    Tweet In fact, with the Kangsi radicals below, there is no chance of any kind that we can dissect and decode Chinese characters correctly.             Return to Q&A page  

  4. Guinness World Record

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