Assignment 6: First Review


    Re-familiarize ourselves with the covered material and harvest the our previous work.


  1. Review Lesson One and the Word Roots
  2. Review Lesson Two and the Sound Modules

Study Log:

I began Assignment 6 on April 3, 2008 and I completed Assignment 6 in only three days on April 5, 2008.
Book 2, Page 42 — Book 2, Page 43

Book 4, Page 1
Approximate words learned in this lesson: 0

Approximate total words learned thus far: 521
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Basically, the review was just going back and capturing or what I like to call “harvesting” any data that I let get away during the first bit of my study. I will say though that the review was absolutely necessary. I was surprised to see how easily it was to forget some things after not looking at them for a few days. I was equally surprised to see how well I could remember some things after only looking at them once or twice. Moreover, after the review, most of the data I had learned thus far had already reached my long term memory, and that is the primary goal!