Assignment 15: Newspaper Headlines


    Be able to read newspaper headlines


    Pick up a current Chinese newspaper and begin reading and translating the headlines.

Study Log:


I began Assignment 15 on June 8, 2008 and I completed Assignment 15 in three days on June 10, 2008.

Approximate words learned in this lesson: 165
Approximate total words learned thus far: 2625



Reading the newspaper headlines were slightly more difficult than simply reading sentences from Chinese school books. The biggest reason for this is because headlines typically use several names and proper nouns that just had to be learned outright. Another reason is because the headlines would not be complete thoughts, they would just pick certain catch phrases and group them together, so, sometimes I had to look a little beyond what was given to make sense of it. I was pleased that I could make any sense of it at all since many people thought that it was impossible having only studied for a little over eighty days.
This concludes my study log for this record attempt, the remaining days up to June 14, 2008 I spent reviewing and preparing myself for the proficiency test. I now look forward to continuing my studies and advancing into the verbal and speaking portion of the Chinese language!