Assignment 11: Sound Module Phrases


  1. Learn the Sound Module Phrases
  2. Learn the binding properties of each word
  3. Understand the following phrase equations:
      a + a = a 

      a + b = a

      a + b = b

      a + b = c


  1. Study the Sound Module Phrases
  2. Learn the binding properties of each word

Study Log:

I began Assignment 11 on May 4, 2008 and I completed Assignment 11 in only five days on May 9, 2008.
Note: On May 6, 2008, I did not work on this assignment as the Testing and Verification Committee was formed on this date and held its first meeting. After the meeting, I decided to take the evening off and it was my first “real” break from my studies.
Book 4, Page 19 — Book 4, Page 28
Approximate words learned in this lesson: 0

Approximate total words learned thus far: 1681

Approximate two-word phrases learned in this lesson: 800
Below are a few examples of my notebook:

Example 1

Example 2



When I first looked at sound module phrases, or just phrases in general, my progress seemed to be slow moving at first but improved quickly. In this particular assignment the phrase was given and of course the sound module I already knew, but the second word in the phrase was new to me. I had to determine the new word’s meaning by looking at the phrase and figuring out how the word was being applied, which I came to find out was not always precisely what the original meaning of the word suggested. Had it not been for my previous studies I think I would have struggled greatly with this assignment. I could not believe that this was the traditional way of learning Chinese, phrase by phrase, what a nightmare?! But since I was already able to decode the word from its containing roots and radicals the phrase just gave me another window through which to view and determine the word’s meaning.