Assignment 10: Lesson Three (Advanced Studies)


  1. In all lessons prior to Lesson Three, the 220 word roots are viewed as rock bottom anatomical units, especially visually. In an analogy, they are the atoms for chemistry. However, they do have some internal structures, similar to the atoms in physics. The first objective of this lesson is to understand these Chinese Etymology Physics.
  2. The construction of the Chinese language was not only to achieve human communication but was derived from a preexisting cosmology. The second objective of this lesson is to understand this Chinese Cosmology.
  3. The third objective is to understand the complete rules of decoding logic inference.


    Read through Lesson Three (Chinese Etymology).

Study Log:

I began Assignment 10 on April 30, 2008 and I completed Assignment 10 in only four days on May 3, 2008.
Book 4, Page 9 — Book 4, Page 18
Approximate words learned in this lesson: 80

Approximate total words learned thus far: 1681
Below are a few examples of my notebook:

Example 1

Example 2



Lesson Three might as well be called “The answers to all your previous questions”! It really cleared up all the confusion and filled the gaps about decoding logic inference, the word root etymology physics, and what part the phonetics played. It revealed all the tricky twist and turns about word forms and odd radicals such as variants, insertions, mutations, and fusions. It also described the concepts of Chinese cosmology, which really aided in my understanding of how the Chinese language developed in the way that it did. After completing this assignment I was able to look back over my previous work and see all my mistakes. Everything made sense in a whole new light!